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Boho- Short for Bohemian style- is a decorating style for those who want a house full of unique and unconventional items. The interesting items in your Collection are sure to start conversations. You’ll look like you’ve travelled the world, even if you’ve never left the country! The best part about this style is there are no real rules. Anything goes, And your personal selections are sure to make your house feel like home.

If you’re into the trending BoHo look here are some tips to get started!


Plants, plants, plants everywhere! The BoHo look is all about greenery; The six best plants for the look include the monstera, fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant, pothos, ZZ plant, and snake plant. Include plants in creative ways -hang them from your ceiling, walls, or add a pretty pot to your bookshelf.  Lush green additions will bring life to your home while adding style and warmth.

Ceramic bells-$19.99
Clay bowl $14.99
Head planter -$24.99


Yes, macramé is back from the 70s, and it’s better than ever!! Pillows, table runners, curtains, wall hangings, and hanging planters. Add some macramé to your Decor for instant texture and coziness.

Assorted succulents $7.99
Watering Can – Sold out

Vintage furniture

Including vintage furniture in your decor is sure to take you on a treasure hunt, and your patience and perseverance will be worth it, I promise.  You can find mid-century pieces at yard sales, Kijiji and thrift shops, and the beauty and uniqueness of each piece will help you to customize your look.

BoHo rug textured -$49.99
Snake plant-$29.99
Throw Blanket- Prices vary
Pillow -$49.99
Woven basket -$24.99
Rubber Plant – $29.99

The personal touch

If the decorating with meaning is something that’s important to you, the BoHo look might be for you! Add an element from your grandparents, or a memorable item from your childhood, or from the era in which you grew up will incorporate nostalgia into your look. I like to hide some of my old vintage toys in my planters around the home. Most people don’t see them, but I know they’re there and they make me happy.

Small clay pot-$5.99
Jade plant – $5.99
Fiddle leaf bush $19.99
Gray pot $9.99

Customized art

You don’t have to be an artist to make your own art. Paint something and bring bright colours or patterns you love to complete your look. When getting started with BoHo style remember there is no right and wrong -it is just an expression of your creative style. Adding a touch of BoHo to your home with the bright white walls and textures and a focus on personal and unique artifacts will radiate positive vibes to all who gather.

Clay saucer $19.99 -chicken is not included!
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Let's welcome Spring, together, with some creative DIY!

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for a workshop this year!

We find so much joy in passing on our knowledge and witnessing so much natural creativity. Please check back in the Spring for our next workshop series, and in the meantime happy crafting!