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A cute little Brazilian native, the String of Turtles is a popular succulent houseplant adored for its gorgeous turtle print foliage and easy-going personality! Compact in size and a slow plant to mature (because who is in a rush to grow up anyway?!), the Peperomia Prostrata makes an excellent conversation piece for any space!

With each leaf resembling button-like tortoiseshells, its trailing vine has intricate multi-coloured patterns covering its surface. Since these plants are small and slow to mature, they make a great addition on a desk, nightside table, or any shelf/tabletop where you have limited space!

String of Turtles Care & Maintenance:

  • Light: bright, indirect light is best. Avoid direct sunlight for many hours.
  • Water: more inclined to suffer from over-watering, your plant prefers slightly moist conditions. Ensure that you keep the soil moist during the growing season and the “soak and dry” succulent method during the winter months.
  • Humidity & Temperature: These plants prefer cool, more humid temperatures – the average room temperature is what will keep your plant happiest (68-75 F). During the Winter and Summer when your String of Turtles is exposed to lots of heat, use a mister, humidifier or pebble tray to ensure your plant is staying cool!
  • Fertilizer:  this will help maintain the String of Turtles colour and patterns throughout the growing season. Use a diluted 20-20-20 houseplant fertilizer bi-weekly during the growing season, avoid during the fall and winter.
  • Maintenance: Regular pruning and deadheading will help keep your plant’s attractive, manicured appearance. Use scissors or snips for the best results. Growth is fairly slow, encourage a bushier plant by taking a string and place it on top of the soil, ensuring the nodes are in contact with soil as they will eventually grow roots, and then new vines.
  • Toxicity: the String of Turtles is toxic to household pets when ingested.
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