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We’d love to introduce you to the stunningly cheerful Philodendron Birkin, a unique, tropical houseplant! Distinguished by its oval-shaped dark-green leaves, marked with creamy-yellow pinstripes you will never find two leaves that look the same!

This smaller variety of Philodendron is non-vining and loved for its upright growth habit with thick, lime-green stems. Add this rare and compact beauty to any room in your home- the perfect conversational pop of colour!

Philodendron Birkin Care & Maintenance:  

  • Light: Bright, indirect light (ideally an east or west-facing window) protected from direct rays of the sun.
  • Water: Water when the top 1-2″ of soil feel dry
  • Fertilizer: A balanced liquid fertilizer once a week during the growing season and once a month in the winter. Ensure the fertilizer contains micro-nutrients calcium and magnesium. 
  • Humidity: Place your plant in a room with high humidity (ie.bathroom or kitchen) or use a tray of pebbles. Fill the tray up with water and place your plant pot on top of the pebbles.

What to do if your Birkin has: 

  • Brown Leaves: When the leaves on a Philodendron Birkin are turning brown, it means it’s not getting enough humidity. Try creating a pebble tray, or misting the leaves every other day to create humidity for your plant.
  • Drying Leaves: When your leaves are yellowing around the edge and drying up, it is an indicator that you are over-watering your plant. Ensure that you check your soil before you decide to water to ensure that it’s dry.
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Let's welcome Spring, together, with some creative DIY!

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for a workshop this year!

We find so much joy in passing on our knowledge and witnessing so much natural creativity. Please check back in the Spring for our next workshop series, and in the meantime happy crafting!