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We’ve all seen fertilizer as a recommended care instruction on the tags of the plants and flowers we bring home. However, it tends to be an overlooked measure for keeping our plants alive and thriving. We wanted to dig a little deeper into what fertilizer is, how it works and the different types that we carry here at Anna’s!

So, what is fertilizer? It is a chemical or natural substance that is added to soil or land to increase its fertility. Think of fertilizer as food for your plants- as they require essential nutrients just like we do, only their source needs to be found in their soil to survive and grow. Soil naturally contains nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients are what helps make your plants grow. When soil nutrients are missing or in short supply, plants will suffer from nutrient deficiency and stop growing.

Fertilizer assists in replenishing these nutrients. All fertilizer packaging contains three bold numbers, the first number being the amount of Nitrogen (N), the second number being the amount of Phosphate (P), and the third number being the amount of Potassium (K) – the three main “food groups” for a plant.

A handy garden tip to understand the purpose behind each component is “up, down, and all-around”. Meaning Nitrogen, the first element listed will assist with plant growth above the ground- think green leafy foliage, or lush lawns. Phosphorous is known to be effective at establishing growth below ground- strong, healthy root systems. Phosphorous, the second number is also responsible for blooms and fruit production. Most starter fertilizers will contain a higher second number. Potassium, the third number assists in overall plant health as it will help build strong cells within the plant tissue. Helping to withstand extreme weather conditions, pests or diseases- we think of it as assisting the immune system of the plant.

So there you have it, the next time you are standing in front of shelves upon shelves of fertilizer to choose from- you should have a better idea of what you are looking at and looking for!

Fertilizers Available at Anna’s Garden, Home & Wellness:

SuperGreen 20-20-20: Our “go-to” fertilizer!

  • Water-soluble fertilizer
  • Helps flower and fruit production for all indoor and outdoor plants

A balanced general-purpose fertilizer, SuperGrow 20-20-20 is an industry-standard product that can be added to the soil of a wide variety of plants. Ideal for almost any stage of plant growth- providing a formula that will promote strength to the root system, encourage lush blooms and foliage and a strong immune system.

Dissolve in water before use.

Directions for Garden Use: Mix 20 mL per 4L of water (4 tsp/1 gal) and soak soil around plants with the mixure. Repeat every 2-4 weeks during the growing season.

Directions for Houseplant Use: Mix 5 mL per 4L of water (1 tsp/1gal) and soak soil with the mixture. Repeat every 4 weeks during active growth.

2-2-2 Organic Fertilizer: Fish Rich

  • For the edible garden
  • Will not burn roots or leaves
  • Increases garden and flower blooms and stimulates growth
  • Supplements nutrients supply in the soil
  • Improves seed germination and root maturity
  • Maintains plant’s natural vitamins during hydrolysis

Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer is a high-quality liquid fertilizer that can be used on a variety of ornamental plants and food crops. It is produced from premium yellow perch fish that are raised in a tightly controlled indoor environment. The Bell Aquaculture Yellow Perch are free from antibiotics, hormones, and other man-made contaminants. This translates to growing crops that are safe for your entire family to eat. In addition, the 2-2-2 composition enables the fertilizer to work well with not only a variety of fruits and vegetables but household plants, trees and much more.

Directions for use: Fish Rich liquid fertilizer must be mixed with water before applying. Instructions for application type stated on packaging.


Effective and natural fertilizers made from hen manure or marine nutrients. No potting soil, compost, sewage sludge, or synthetic products. We have three different varieties to choose from based on your planting needs:

  • Plant Starter/Transplant: 4-10-2
    • Composted of hen manure and bone meal
    • Ideal for planting perennials, shrubs, bulbs, seeding or sodding lawns
    • Enhances root development
    • Adds organic matter
  • Tomatoes & Vegetables: 4-6-8
    • Composted of hen manure, feather meal and natural potash
    • Ideal for vegetable gardens; increasing the plant’s resistance to diseases and water stress
    • Prevents tomato rot
  • Pure Hen Manure: 5-3-2
    • 100% Chicken Manure: dehydrated and granulated
    • Garden, vegetable garden, trees, shrubs and conifers, flowers, flowerbeds, bulbs and grass.
    • Rich in Calcium: Essential element for the development of plant cells and their growth.
    • Contains a repellent effect on squirrels fond of bulbs.

Directions for use: Acti-Sol fertilizer application instructions available both online http://acti-sol.ca/ and on the packaging.

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