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Roses are among the most admired and sought-after flowers you can grow in your yard. The Flower Carpet Rose is a new generation of rose bush that is not only beautiful but also extremely easy to care for and maintain. The sophisticated, ground-covering perennial will produce vibrant red flowers from June until Fall!

The contrast of the scarlet coloured double-blooms against its glossy, green foliage makes this bush a new classic among perennial gardeners. The Flower Carpet Rose is sure to add colour and style to your home either in large containers, flower beds or in your landscaping. You can expect over 1000 booms on the Flower Carpet Rose bush in a season with ease as this plant is tremendously low maintenance.

The Flower Carpet Rose is heat tolerant and grows best in full sun. If planted in partial shade with less than 6 hours of sun/day, the Flower Carpet Rose will adapt but bloom less frequently. Thoroughly water your Flower Carpet Rose while first establishing the perennial bush. Plant in well-drained soil for optimal blooming. Fertilize your Flower Carpet Rose in early Spring and late Summer with a slow-release 15-12-12 fertilizer. Prune back your plant in early Spring to promote new growth, and trim anytime throughout the year to form the desired shape.

The Flower Carpet Rose can help add charm and allure to any yard that is lacking curb-appeal. Due to its disease and pest resistance, high sun tolerance, bountiful scarlet flowers, and self-cleaning habits, the Flower Carpet Rose is a clear winner in the vast world of roses! If you’re looking to add to your garden collection, the Flower Carpet Rose is an easy choice to bring worry-free beauty to your landscape!

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Let's welcome Spring, together, with some creative DIY!

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for a workshop this year!

We find so much joy in passing on our knowledge and witnessing so much natural creativity. Please check back in the Spring for our next workshop series, and in the meantime happy crafting!