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It’s that time of year, where we all want to bring the green beauty of the outdoors, in! Deck your house with all things fresh this Holiday season- choose from a variety of Ontario, British Columbia and Specialty Winter Greens! Adding these aromatic beauties to your home will add a touch of magic and festive spirit.

Ontario Greens: Recognized for their more branchy, spacious look, these native greens are a great filler for planters, wreaths and garland! We offer a beautiful variety, including:

  • Balsam– Celebrated for their rich green needles, natural conical shape and needle retention, these are a notable favourite due to their strong fragrance. Balsam is the perfect green for skirting your planter.
  • Cedar– Known for their long stems and beautiful lacy tips, Cedar is known to be a minimum mess green and is perfect for centre fill in a planter.
  • Fir– Known to be very fragrant and have beautiful shiny, dark green short needles. Fir is a great green for filling the centre of an arrangement.
  • Pine– Softest touch of all the greens, their needles are medium in length with green-blue striping. Pine is a great addition to add texture and depth to your arrangements.

British Columbia Greens: Looking to bring some of the beauty of the great West into your holiday green projects this year? These Winter greens are known for their hardy branches and rich, dominant colour. Available varieties include:

  • Berry Juniper– A great focal texture, that will pop and add depth to any arrangement, garland or wreath.
  • Cedar– Known for its long stems and its beautiful lacy tips – these minimum mess greens, maintain their colour and vitality for weeks and weeks. Cedar is a great green to use if you want to add vast width and depth to your arrangements.
  • Fir– Known to be very fragrant and have beautiful shiny, dark green short needles.
  • Pine– Softest touch of all the greens, needles are medium length, known for their green-blue striping.

Specialty Greens: Looking to add a little something extra to your arrangement? Whether it is for colour, texture or shape- check out our beautiful varieties of specialty Winter greens!

  • Carolina Sapphire– Noted for its fragrant blue-silver foliage, its upright lacy texture, arching structure and its longevity.
  • Eucalyptus– A trendy, versatile aromatic greenery known for its long vase life, choose from a wide variety including:
    • Seeded
    • Baby
    • Tinted (Silver, Gold, Red, Purple)
    • Silver Dollar
  • Holly Berries– Packed with ripe ornamental berries and glossy leaves these sprigs are the perfect way to add a festive pop of red
  • Magnolia– Distinguished by their glossy green and golden leaves, these stylish branches can add a beautiful natural contrast to any holiday greenery! Also available in tinted red and purple varieties.
  • Oregonia Silver– Oblong shaped leaves, these lush and thick branches make a perfect decorative filler.

Care Instructions:
If the weather is mild or windy be sure to mist your loose greens (wreaths, swag, garland) or water your greens (planters) weekly, however, once there is a consistent freeze outside, you won’t need to worry about misting or watering. Since evergreens absorb water through their needles, misting will add life and sheen.


**Prices may vary. Fresh Winter Green prices always fluctuate based on availability and demand. Images posted in 2018.**

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