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Happy Earth Day Friends!

Although this is a very worthy day, we should be mindful of our big, beautiful Earth every day!  As citizens, it is our responsibility to advocate for our planet and lead by example.  We admit, it does get pretty overwhelming at times and sometimes it may even feel a bit hopeless.  What difference can one person make? We get it! But trust us when we say, we are all in this together and there are so many things we can all do to inflict major change. Here are three things do to this Earth Day (and every day, really!)

1) Get Outside!

Now that the weather is finally warming up take this opportunity to get outside and enjoy this beautiful place we call home!  Feel the sun on your face, the wind on your skin and listen to the sounds of the birds. Simply being present in nature and experiencing its beauty firsthand does wonders for your mind, body and spirit.  So whether it’s a walk around the block, an afternoon at the park or simply sitting outside on your porch, get outside and enjoy this amazing earth and all it has to offer us!  If you happen to embark on an adventure perhaps pack a garbage bag and pick up any trash that crosses your path.  The earth will thank you!

2) Plant Something!

Generally, we are elbows deep in our gardens by now but due to Winter’s extended stay that hasn’t been the case.  This, however, is the perfect time to plan out your garden!  Walk your yard and start to map out your space.  You can also take this opportunity to clean up your pre-existing beds so that you’re prepared when the weather shifts.  There are a handful of cold-hardy perennials that you can plant now if you’re itching to flex those green thumbs.  Plants and trees are like the lungs of our planet, creating breathable air for us all! We can never have too many plants or too much oxygen within our homes and on our earth!  So get planting!

3) Educate Yourself!

The best way to prevent further damage to our home is through education.  This Earth Day if we all take the time to learn one new thing about the environment than our future will be that much brighter!  Change can be uncomfortable for some but it doesn’t have to be big or happen all at once.  If we all make small adjustments over time they will make a world of a difference (pun intended).  With education comes prevention and together we can make a difference!

Let’s be the Change!

So as citizens of earth, leaders in our communities and/or business owners we have the power to influence.  Let’s use this power and lead by example not just today, but every day!

There are hundreds of little things we can all do regularly to help better our world and our environment.  Check out this list of 50 extremely simple things that over time can make a huge difference, click here!

How are you celebrating this Earth Day? How are you going to be the change? Comment below!

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