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Tropical Palms are perfect for adding some tropical flair to your home and/or garden.  In our climate, Tropical Palms are generally kept as houseplants but can also be used outdoors in the late Spring and Summer months.

While there is a wide variety of Tropical Palms available, most have similar growing needs.  Since Tropical Palms come from very warm environments, we must do our best to recreate similar conditions within their new homes.  Indoors, keep your Tropical Palms in bright, indirect light.  Some Tropical Palms can handle being in a window, but depending on the sun intensity it may cause their leaves to burn.  If this happens, simply relocate your Tropical Palm away from the window or adjust your blinds for some added protection.  Outdoors, Tropical Palms generally prefer full sun or partial shade.

When watering your Tropical Palm, be sure to allow the top inch of soil to dry slightly in between watering.  It is also imperative to ensure your plant has adequate drainage.  Most Tropical Palms do not like wet feet and can suffer from root rot if they’re overwatered or if water is allowed to build up in their pots.

If your Tropical Palms are outdoors, fertilize with a balanced solution, monthly.  If indoors, you can fertilize your Tropical Palms less frequently.  If you wish to encourage quick growth, you may feed your plant more often.

The most common problem experienced with Tropical Palms is the browning of their tips.  This can occur for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is from:

– Dry air.  Your plant isn’t receiving enough humidity.  If indoors, try misting its leaves, grouping your palm with other plants or using water-filled pebble trays to increase humidity.
– Too much fertilizer.  If you have been fertilizing your plant, either cut back on the amount you’re giving each time or the frequency.
– Too dry.  Your plant isn’t receiving enough water, it is located too close to a heat duct or it is subjected to too much direct sun.

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