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Frosted pinecone spray $14.99

‘The days are long, but the years are short’. This old saying is all too familiar, and while I don’t want to wish away any of the mild autumn weather, I loved the idea Suzanne had of creating a bucket list before the new season begins. Because if we aren’t thoughtful in our actions, the days can slip away from us. So, I’m here to take a moment to get excited for the winter months ahead and to document my bucket list, so I can be held accountable for completing it!

With Christmas in full swing at Anna’s, it’s easy to get excited about the upcoming season. Nearly every surface is adorned with greenery, and twinkling lights have infiltrated the air. The shop is radiant! 

Whether you have children at home or not, the winter season just seems to encapsulate such magic & wonder. And I don’t want to let a single one of these moments pass me by. So here we go…


Christmas parade

I have heard rumours that Kingsville will be having a traditional parade this year, and I AM crossing my fingers that this comes to fruition. I just love bundling up with the family, hot cocoa in hand while we see the floats and marching bands zip by.

Mug $14.99 | Gloves $14.99

And the excitement on the kid’s faces when they holler “Santa is coming!” is priceless.

Santa $59.99

Decorate the house

One of our many Christmas traditions is decorating the house on the weekend of the Christmas parade. Unpackaging all the decorations and relishing the memories they hold is so dear to me.  My Mom has given my sister and I an ornament every year since we were babies, and I have done the same for my children. The tree is so full of nostalgia. This year, my hope is to have two trees. One real tree, decorated with our collection of sentimental ornaments, and one artificial tree, decked with the gorgeous ribbon and ornaments that I got this year at Anna’s. After setting up all the trees there, there’s no way I could pass up getting some things for myself! 

Noel ornament $4.99

Go tobogganing/play in the snow

We were so lucky to have snow on multiple occasions last year. The kids absolutely LOVED sledding down the hills at the park (and I did too!). It’s easy to cozy up inside during the cold months, but it is so worth the effort to take the time to bundle up and truly enjoy the gifts that Mother Nature brings us. And if you don’t have the gear to stay warm, Anna’s has an impressive stock of scarves, toques, warm socks and gloves.

Toques, $14.99 each

Scarf $19.99 | Toque $14.99

Begin a new family tradition: Games night

I really hope we can be consistent on this one. Nora is at such a fun age & it’s important to me that we don’t waste away too many evenings watching TV or doing homework. We love playing games! Recently Nora learned to play chess, and I AM loving it. I hope to add some more board games and card games to the roster.

Manger match card game $19.99

Make something for our home

Every year this is on my list of New Year goals. And I have yet to complete it this year. Whether it’s a large-scale item like a dining table or something small like a plant propagator, I like to add homemade personal touches to our home. It’s so nice to walk into a room and be proud of something that you made by hand.

14” wreath frame $4.99 | Ribbon (10 yards) $14.99 | 9’ garland $99.99

Go on a mini vacation

This winter, Al and I are really hoping to have a little getaway. We are unsure of whether it will be up north here in Ontario or fly out somewhere for a few days. Regardless of where we end up, the planning sure is fun! And it’s crucial for us to try to get away together without the kids. Our marriage is so important. Taking the time to reconnect and create new and exciting memories is something we value and if we don’t make this a priority, it’s easy to put off, or ‘save the money’ instead. 

Polar Bear Dip

This, by far will be the most challenging on my list, but it is something I AM truly curious to try. I have read about all of the advantages a polar dip has on the body, and I AM intrigued as to whether I have the mental capacity and discipline to really give it a fair try. I want to enjoy it…I guess time will tell whether or not I do! Wish me luck, because I will certainly need it!

Snowflake chandelier ornament $7.99

The winters here in Ontario are long and the splendour can wear off once Christmas has passed. Personally, I think that having a list of the many activities to look forward to can help stave off the winter blues. How do you plan to make the most of the season ahead?

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Let's welcome Spring, together, with some creative DIY!

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